E-Book, From Darkness to Light, Poems, Trauer, Grief, Poetry, overcoming grief, overcoming deathE-Book, From Darkness to Light, Poems, Trauer, Grief, Poetry, overcoming grief, overcoming death

E-Book: From Darkness To Light, Poems on Death, Life, and Love


E-book “From Darkness to Light”
Poems on Death, Light, and Love

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Poems on death, life, and love.

When my dad passed away, I was in shock. My world felt decidedly different. However, I felt like there was no space or time in this busy society to feel awkward, out of place, hurt, and in despair. I realized that we all were taught to act like nothing happened, to function, and to pretend. Only when I turned to poems to find an outlet for my uncomfortable feelings things changed for me. So this e-book is a loving reminder that there is a whole spectrum of human emotions. We are here not to run from them but to feel them with kindness and awareness.

Grief is part of our human experience

Grief and sadness aren’t exactly the most popular emotions we like to talk about. Nevertheless, I believe that we need to talk about what happens when someone you love leaves their body. There needs to be more space for conversations about death and the feelings that go along with it. Leaving this body is inevitable, so we might as well find a healthy way to deal with this fact. Ignoring death doesn’t help.

I hope that this short collection of poems on death, life, and love can encourage you not to simply turn away from feelings like grief and despair. These emotions belong to a human experience like feelings of joy, peace, love, and equanimity. If we cannot healthily be with one end of the spectrum of emotions, we will not be okay with the other end either.

Poems of Grief and Healing

These poems on death, life, and love are also something like a hero’s journey, my hero’s journey. We can all grow by not running from our uncomfortable emotions but to tend to them with loving-kindness. Whatever you are currently going through may you feel encouraged not to waste this moment. May you find the inner strength, kindness, and love for yourself to be with your emotions. It is the most loving thing you can do. You will get through this. Just trust that this experience will make you wiser, stronger, and kinder.

What readers say about “From Darkness to Light / Poems about Death, Life, and Love”:

“Peri, I finished your poems tonight and got to the light! That was beautiful. Really! The journey you take people on through the pages is really touching. Through all of it, I really felt as if I could feel your emotions. YOU have a gift.”

“Discovering the pain you went through and seeing you now, spreading such joy. I think that journey is really amazing. I’m so, so happy you shared this.”

About Perihan:

Perihan Soylu (MA) lives in Hamburg, Germany and works as a Life Coach and Advisor in Hamburg and online. Her happycoollove Podcast and happycoollove Blog help her to share her answers on what a really meaningful and well-lived life is all about. Find out more about Perihan at www.happycoollove.de