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only love

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only love

God i’m here
walk me through 
this moment
with utmost care

this time i’m ready
to go all the way 
be free
of this pain
that has had 
power over me
far too long 

of my being
let’s finally
bring to light
so i can be closer
to my truth and Thine

all it takes is
one breath deep
a miracle
to trust, to see
to be willing
i can be free

dark shadows 
are cast out by 
golden light
not my doubt
and no fear
only love can
heal me now

only love

Poems on Death, Life, and Love

Life is a journey from darkness back to light.

My short collection of poems on death, life, and love depicts the story of my coming to terms with the loss of my father. If you just had to say good-bye to a loved one and trying to make sense of what happened: These poems are dedicated to you. May you feel encouraged not to run from your emotions of grief, despair, and sadness that come with this experience. Death is nothing we should simply push aside. This kind of loss has something so valuable to teach us. May we finally learn again to resist the dominant way of dealing with uncomfortable feelings: Ignoring, numbing or distracting ourselves. 

E-Book, From Darkness to Light, Poems, Trauer, Grief, Poetry, overcoming grief, overcoming death

Readers say: 
"Peri, I finished your poems tonight and got to the light! That was beautiful. Really! The journey you take people on through the pages is really touching. Through all of it, I really felt as if I could feel your emotions. YOU have a gift."

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